July 26, 2008

I <3 Myself in B@R

Sifting through the inventory today and discovered an outfit I hadn't yet worn from a shopping spree at Bare Rose Tokyo goodness knows how long ago.. and was inspired to take a few pictures of this fun, quirky ensemble-- apty named "I Love Myself"! And it's true.. I really do love myself in this. Punky and glam all at once, my kinda style!

One of the great things about Bare Rose is that when you purchase an outfit, it comes with everything. This set came with the shirt, arm warmers, a pair of large red leg warmers, fishnet stockings, a black beaded necklace, and denim shorts. However, for those of you like myself who like to personalize outfits, you can easily interchange the pieces with others from your inventory. I accessorized with leg warmers from Maitreya's "Boot-a-licious" boots and added my favorite skull necklace from the Crush Factory.

So I know Bare Rose isn't new to most of you out there in the metaverse, but if you haven't stopped by you definitely should. They offer a great variety of looks at amazing prices, and definitely offers some peace of mind to those of you who hate trying to piece an outfit together in a snap.. it's already done for you!

So what are you waiting for?

...Discover Bare Rose...


Hair: House of Heart's "Tuli" in Bitter Chocolate
Skin: GiGi Couture's "CAT Skin" (Group Freebie-- long ago..)
Tank/armwarmers/leggings/shorts: from BareRose Tokyo's "I Love Myself" outfit
Leg warmers: from Maitreya's "Boot-a-licious" Ash set (grey-black socks)
Shoes: Sven Olbers "Midnight Pumps" in Black
Necklace: The Crush Factory "Black Pearl Skull Necklace"

July 19, 2008

When RL and SL merge, you get....

Generally my little sparks of creativity and artistry are inspired by emotions that I'm feeling iRL, as I'm sure many of you can agree with. But yesterday, my SL reflected my RL emotions after having witnessed one of my colleagues tell a child (16 years old) that she had cancer. Not often in pediatric primary care do you have to tell someone news like that, but it was a thought that stayed with me long after I got home from work yesterday.

So not wanting to spread my mood upon everyone, and completely unable to shake the thought from my mind, I hopped in my photosphere wearing a dress with an apt enough name to portray my feelings and my favorite tattoos.. and started snapping away. The emotions I felt helped me to capture something within these photos..

When you realize you can't be the superhero all the time, you resign to something much more honest and innocent. Just a little something I thought I'd share with the world...

Color Me Beauty; Discover Me Reverie

LauraRose is wearing...
Tattoo: "Wired Garden" by Garden of Ku
Dress: "Corpse Dress" by Kyoot Army
Skin: "MMS Zero Light_GiftB" by Minnu Model Skins
Hair: "W&Y yuki 37 in black" by WAKA & Yuki

July 2, 2008

Discovery Series: [kk cachoo] by Narumi Watanabe

I am so excited to share this next Discovery Series post with you. Today I get to showcase the work of my longtime friend, Narumi Watanabe, and her store KK Cachoo!

Pictured above: Narumi Watanabe in front of the store logo for KK Cachoo
(Random factoid about Numi: She's a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd!)

In all honesty, I first discovered KK Cachoo during a fit of boredom. I was looking for new places to shop, and looking at my friends' groups in their profiles one day, stumbled upon her group, and got to exploring! One of the things that Narumi (affectionately known as "Numi") and I share is a common "nerd-bond"-- we both dabble in some Harry Potter roleplay! And when I walked into her store, she had this cute football-style Slytherin jersey--which I immediately bought! I IMed the creator of this masterpiece on the spot, and that became the beginning of our friendship.. hehe :)

Narumi's shop is filled with great, funky/punky tees, hoodies, and a new line of swimwear.. but if she's made a name for herself with any particular pieces, by far it would be her graphic tees. The style is unique, colorful, and fun.. something I was immediately drawn to (and I'm fairly sure you will be too!). In her own words, she "makes clothing that no one else is".. and I couldn't agree with her more.

Pictured above: Some of my favorite pieces from KK Cachoo
(from left to right) Pretty 'n Punk Zipp!!, Milk 'n Cookies Luv Zipup, Hello Kitty Luv 4ever Hoodie

Narumi has lived all over, but calls Texas, USA home. Inspired by Japanese fashion, her creations bring an element of her own RL style into SL. Numi describes her personal style as variable, but she states she likes whatever is cute!

Numi is *always* working on something new, so join the KK Cachoo Update Group to stay in-the-know! She treats her group members very well, so you definitely won't be dissapointed! And a quick note, KK Cachoo shares a store parcel with Store with No Name, a store run by Numi's SL mom and aunt! They sell really cute accessories and furniture.. definitely worth a look while you're out shopping!

So if you're in the mood for something funky, fresh, and new.. grab the closest LM and head over to KK Cachoo! What are you waiting for?! Discover me!

KK Cachoo @ Phoenix Dreaming


Pictured above: Myself and Numi inside KK Cachoo!

Photo Credits:
LauraRose is wearing:
Hair: Diversity Hair "Sydney" in Black
Skin: [lessthan3] Glam Skin- "Queenie" (pre-release)
Shirt: [k k cachoo] "holdyrbreath top"
Jeans: mia "ragged jeans"

Narumi is wearing:
Junwave "Rockgirl"
Skin: ~obscene~ "milk - base"
[k k cachoo] "tokidoki camo zipup"
[k k cachoo] "shawty bordered leos"
~Be Casual~ "Smoke Belt"

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