June 14, 2008

Discovery Series: [lessthan3] by Nykki Heartsdale

I know it's been a while, but "CMB, DMR" is back with a new installment of the Discovery Series! I'd like to introduce you all to the talented Nykki Heartsdale, designer of *many things* (clothes/eyes/tattoos/shapes/skins... just to name a few) and the co-owner of lessthan3.

Pictured above: Nykki Heartsdale in front of her shop, [lessthan3]
(Random factoid about Nykki: She knows Egyptian hieroglyphics!)

I first discovered lessthan3 after joining the Vain, Inc. update group earlier this year. I remember getting the notice when the shop first opened, and I literally immediately bought almost everything I saw in there. What do I like about Nykki's work? Basically everything! The style is edgy, glam, and punk all at the same time, and helps to bring out that side of me! One of my all time favorites is Nykki's line of "circusgirl" skins. These skins are beautifully ornate, with *drama* eyes which I love. See below...

Pictured above: The "circusgirl (light)" skin from lessthan3, worn by yours truly :)

Nykki, from Washington, DC, USA, co-owns lessthan3 with her RL husband, Faadal Mokeev. Together, they create shapes, skins, eyes, clothes, and "nifty little trinkets for amusement" (go see the shop to understand.. hehe). Nykki is also the VP of Vain Inc. Magazine and also does photography for The Booth. While she is quite the busy one, oftentimes you can catch her hanging out in or around her shop. She wants you all out there to know that, no! she's not stalking you. She just loves the music playing on the radio in the parcel where her shop is.. so chances are, shes rocking out.. NOT peeking over your shoulder! :)

Nykki and Faadal started creating things for lessthan3 because they were both curious about the creative process behind making skins and tattoos. At the time, they were not as well known and were, what I like to call "financially challenged"--- so building and creating things for themselves really helped to get through that chapter of their life.

Nykki describes her personal style as eclectic. She enjoys wearing bright colors and mismatching! She also strives to make a statement with truly funky and unique pieces that show off her personality-- these are qualities that also show through in pretty much everything you see in lessthan3!

Currently Nykki is diligently working on a new line of men's skins that, she describes will be "super high quality and low cost". So keep an eye out everyone! She also just recently opened up shop in the Velvet sim, where she is currently promoting a limited edition/limited time run of some exclusive skins! Be sure to check it out!

So if you're looking for something unique, colorful, and painstakingly perfect.. hop on over to lessthan3, dance around with Nykki, and maybe even discover a side of yourself you never knew you had...

What are you waiting for? Discover me!
[lessthan3] @ Vodou
[lessthan3] @ Velvet


Pictured above (from left to right): Myself and Nykki, striking a pose on the coolest parcel to have a random dance party on, EVER.

Photo credits:
LauraRose is wearing...
Hair: "Secret" in Full Moon- The Abyss
Skin: "Scene Couture" in Light Tan- lessthan3
Tattoo: "FTM Elvish Tat (Upper)" from the *fables* set- lessthan3
Tank: "Death Punch Tank (Pain)"- lessthan3
Eyes: Gray Burst eyes- lessthan3

Nykki is wearing... (in pic#1)
Skin: "
Clean" skin in Light Tan- lessthan3 (freebie)
"skinny faded jeans with ratty patches"- lessthan3
"effing work of art" tank- lessthan3

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