September 29, 2008

[lessthan3] Skin Preview and Group Giftie!

My lovely friend Nykki Heartsdale ( of [lessthan3] ) has been hard at work modifying her series of Glam Skins, perfecting the nose specifically, and was nice enough to send me along a preview! See below :)

The nose is super cutes!! Good work, Nykki! :)
Pictured above are skins "Unnamed" in Tan, Light Tan, and Pale

And to ebb all those anxious for the new release, [lessthan3] released a group gift especially for Halloween, shown below-- so join the [lessthan3] Update Group and check past notices for this really unique (and hauntingly pretty) skin!!

[lessthan3] can be found in the Vodou sim, here!


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