August 16, 2008

New skins at *Zanzo* released today!

A series of 15 amazing new skins has just been released at Zanzo! The series, entitled Nubile (Phase II), features some really creative makeups (including "80's Glam", "Emo Tears", "Harajuku Girl" and "Winehouse") in two skintones, Cream and Latte. Skins in the shade of "Cream" are shown below. Please click the images to enlarge.

Pictured above: Winehouse (Pink); Winehouse (Black); Snow Angel; Rainbow Kiss; Pixie

Pictured above: Pink Claw; Harajuku Girl; Gothica; Emo Tears; Dark Angel

Pictured above: Carnivale; Butterfly; Blue Claw; 80's Glam; Black Claw

Skins are 400L each, copy/mod/no trans. The upcoming Phase III of the Nubile skins is in its planning stages but will include a more exotic array of designs-- be sure to join the Zanzo update group to stay "in the know!"

So what are you waiting for? Drop on by Zanzo and check out these beautiful skins! I know you'll love them!


August 10, 2008

Discovery Series: [Zanzo] by Drusus and Theodore DuCasse

It's my great pleasure to introduce to you two very talented men in the SL world, Theodore and Drusus DuCasse-- and their store, Zanzo!

Pictured above: Drusus (left) and Theo (right) inside their newly redesigned shop, Zanzo
Random factoids: Dru-- Everything he's created has been within the last 6 months!
Theo-- He must have every prim lined up and rotated to perfection :)

While I hadn't met Theo until just recently, I met Dru almost 6 months ago through a friend of mine. I immediately noticed that Dru was different than most people you run across-- he's one of the few who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and I love that about him! Through Dru, I was able to meet his partner, Theo, who is truly one of the most hard-working and dedicated people I've ever known. Theo has been working in SL for quite some time-- apart from Zanzo, he runs an immensely successful Harry Potter-themed shop called the Wicked Workshop, the oldest of its kind in SL.

Theo and Dru initially started out making skins, shapes, eyes, and clothing specifically for teenage and neko avatars. However, about a month after they started, they began to expand their collection to accomodate the requests of their customers. Within the past month, their focus has been more on the adult market. The two recently released a top-of-the-line series of men's skins, called Machismo, uniquely designed and individualized with some very special details. In the very near future, Zanzo will also be releasing what is sure to be a stunning array of female skins. I can't wait! Yay :)

Apart from skins, the store also provides clothing for men, women, and teens. I was *so* excited to receive their latest release-- an adorable line of strapless shirts (see below)!!

Pictured above: Zanzo *Strapless* shirts in (from left to right)
Line 1: Pink Blossom, Pink Peonies, Purple Daisy, Purple Tulip, and Sky Blossom
Line 2: Night Dahlia, Grey Peonies, Ivory Blossom, Milky Ferns, and Orange Sunflower

Theo and Dru are constantly working on something new, whether it be completely re-vamping their store or creating another skin or shape. The two draw their inspiration from very different places-- for Theo, it's music and books, as well as Popular and Japanese culture. In Dru's case, his inspirations come from "silly little things like hot showers, sitting by a fire, or a good book that challenges your perceptions of life."

So if you're looking for something colorful, new, youthful and vibrant, it's about time you discovered Zanzo! You're sure to find something to bring out your lighter and brighter side!

What are you waiting for? Discover me!
Zanzo @ Splintered Rock


Pictured above: (from L to R) The masterminds of Zanzo, Theodore and Drusus DuCasse, allow me to grace their presence--thanks guys! :)

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