October 6, 2008

[lessthan3] Unnamed Skins Released!

As promised, Nykki Heartsdale of [lessthan3] completed her new line of skins entitled "Unnamed" last week! The skins have an upgraded look from her previous line (the Glam II Series) and are absolutely stunning! I love the color and shading on each of the skins-- this line truly offers a great diversity to suit a variety of tastes!

The skins come in 3 different shades (Pale, Light Tan, and Tan), with each individual set including a base skin with no makeup. If you purchase a fatpack, you also receive 2 additional Special Edition skins-- which are really pretty and fun!

Shown below are the "Unnamed" Series of skins in the Light Tan shade. Please click the images to see them enlarged!
(*sidenote* the names of these skins were all inspired by some of Nykki's favorite songs!)

Shown above (from left to right): Nine in the Afternoon, Dirty Little Secret, Life is Beautiful

Shown above (from left to right): Obscure, Ready Set Go, Semifiction

Shown above (from left to right): Sixty-Nine, Storms, and Base

Limited Edition Skins (from left to right): Kyo and Pinkie (in Pale)

It's not too late to get the Halloween group gift skin from [lessthan3] (blogged HERE). Just join the update group and check past notices!

Follow this direct TP and check out these fabulous new skins from [lessthan3]! :)

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