January 25, 2009

*NEW* Sugar skins from [lessthanthree]<3

Last week, Nykki Heartsdale released a brand new range of skins called "Sugar" which features colorful and unique makeups inspired by sweet treats :)

The range is her first line with a freckles! YAY! Each skin comes with a base makeup, shown below, and a freckled and non-freckled version. So you're really getting 3 skins for the price of one. The skins come in pale, light, and tan options as well.

Shown above: [lessthanthree] base makeup in pale with freckles

The entire series has 8 unique makeups, and she has released one extra skin as a group gift in-store. All the makeup variations are shown below. Please click the image to enlarge.

**All of the skins shown here are the pale, freckled tone**

---Pictured above, from left to right---
Row 1: Godiva (Group Gift in-store); Swedish Fish; Twizzlers
Row 2: Skittles; Sour Patch Kid; Pixie Stick
Row 3: Nerds; Starburst; Reeses Pieces

All of the photos here used the "Honey, Honey" shape, specifically designed for this series. This shape is available alongside the Sugar skins in the [lessthanthree] mainstore.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the "Sugar" skins now!
TP to [lessthanthree]

Color Me Beauty; Discover Me Reverie

January 16, 2009

NEW Harajuku Doll Skins from Zanzo

It's been foreverrr since I've blogged for Color Me Beauty, since I've been busy developing a series of shapes under the name Averie Larnia for ~Hourglass Shapes~. But I wanted to revive this blog and do it in a big way, and what better way than to show you a fabulous new skin series from Zanzo!

The series, entitled Harajuku Doll was inspired by the colorful Japanese trend, and the skins are some of the most colorful I've seen.

Please click the images below to enlarge.
*Individual skin pictures can be seen on my Flickr page!*

From left to right-- Row 1: Aurora Candy; Copernic Starstream; Cutesy 'n' Freckly; Gothloli Serenade
Row 2: Grapefruit Medley; Guava Cocktail; Kaleidoscope Sunrise; Kawaii Gyaru
Row 3: Lime Sherbert; Pink Arachnid; Porcelain; Purple Rain
Row 4: Retro Holiday; Saturn Rising; Sienna Condor; Watermelon Sunday

There are also two special skin offerings from this line-- one was given out thru their update group, and the other you can win in their lucky chair! See the image below.

Freebie/SE Skins: Canary Dawn (Subscriber Group Gift); Monarch Butterfly (Lucky Chair)

Each of the regular makeups comes with a regular porcelain base tone (also pictured in the collage).

I'm forever amazed with the ambition of my friends Drusus and Theo, the masterminds behind Zanzo. Along with 18 makeups, there is also a personalized range of shapes available, specifically designed to fit these skins. The new range of skins and shapes will be available starting Friday, January 16th (the boys are busy putting it up in the store right now, as of 10 pm SLT on Thurs!).

So if you're looking for a new skin, discover Zanzo. I don't think you'll be dissapointed with the vibrancy and color of their unique line of skins.

So what are you waiting for? Discover me!

TP to Zanzo

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