February 24, 2009

Discovery Series: The Starlust Motel's Melatonin Hax & Apatia Hammerer

If you're looking for spunk, personality, and fun in SecondLife, Apatia Hammerer and Melatonin Hax are probably the ladies to ask. The two are widely known for their management of the Starlust Motel, as well as for their partnership in Thimbles (and individual ventures with their stores Pig and Split Pea). Perhaps most of all, though.. what makes these two stand out is that they are unique in truly being themselves. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting either Apatia or Melatonin, you'll have the pleasure of seeing their true selves, NEVER trying to be or portray someone they're not. Their personalities shine through in everything they do. And in SL, that makes them truly unique, and very special.

Apatia and Melatonin, lounging together on a tree branch at the Starlust Motel.

I've been priviledged to get to know these ladies as a shopowner in the Horst von Starlustinberg State Penitentiary, and I'm really excited to get to introduce my wonderful friends to you. These quirky gals are more than meets the eye, constantly dreaming up great new ideas to shape (and clothe) our virtual haven. I present the two to you as a pair, because this is how, so often, they are found.. and it would seem strange to me to not mention one without the other. The two have forged a friendship so strong, it carries into their RL as well!

Shown above: The shops of Thimbles, Pig, and Split Pea.
Please click image to enlarge.

Melatonin Hax is from a small Southern town in the United States, where she lives on a farm.. and in a town with people, whom she claims were "bred by bears." She describes her personal style as really casual and comfortable, oftentimes wearing a housecoat bearing evidence of her cats' love. In SL, she mirrors that casual comfort, and really rocks the vintage look! When asked what inspires her, she states that sometimes she's inspired by guilt itself. In SecondLife, she spends a great deal of time managing the sims of Starlustland, building "secret" projects, finding random things to sit on, alongside co-owning Thimbles with Apatia, and owning her own store, Split Pea.

Apatia Hammerer, from the eastern coast of the US, describes her personal style as casual in real life-- she loves staying warm in hooded sweatshirts. And in SecondLife, she's all about wearing hands! (Yes, hands! Haven't you seen the infamous handypanties?!) When asked where her inspiration stems from, if you've ever wondered how on earth she names the clothes at Thimbles (I know I have), she notes her inspiration can come from "oddities, trash, satan, raw meats and of course... my gut." Something you might not know about Apatia.. actually, I'm sure you probably don't know this, but she's got a fetal shark in a jar on her bookshelf, aptly named "Carmine the Fetal Shark on my Bookshelf". She claims she's not good at naming things, but I think that's brilliant.. :)

Pictured above: Mel, Appy and I... striking a pose, with visions of the Starlust behind us!

As far as their stores, here's what you'll find. At Thimbles, it ranges from casual shirts to dresses, and you can find things for both guys and girls! You can find some of the best plaid on the grid here!! Apatia Hammerer's Pig Shop has a variety of hand-drawn shirts and other casual outfits, many of which are unisex! Melatonin Hax's Split Pea has some of the most adorable, inventive and creative hats and other miscellaneous accessories I've seen-- so much personality!! There are also a series of hats that match special dresses from Heart Attack & Vine!

For me, personally, it's hard to imagine my SecondLife without these two fantastic people. They inspire me constantly with their creativity and can always make me laugh, I'm so happy and honored that I've gotten the chance to get to know them and learn from them. They're both really friendly and approachable, so if you're ever in Starlustland and see them, don't be shy, say hi!

So what are you waiting for? Discover Apatia, Melatonin, and their stores at Starlustland!

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February 6, 2009

Meet Phoebe!

Meet Phoebe!

If you haven't met Phoebe yet, perhaps you should! "Phoebe" is the newest line of skins released from Lazolli-- and in my opinion, some of the best skins the store offers! Owner Nariko Shinn has created a beautiful radiant skin with 26 different makeups!

Some of the great features of this line include:
-MANY options of eye and lip colors (lips range from natural, to deep crimson red, to gold, to Asian-inspired with a stripe down the center--- eyeshadows come smokey, glittery, glowing, and colorful!)
-A killer body! I found no seams to speak of, the skin over the body actually glistens, gives off a glow, which I find really beautiful. The shading is perfect!
-Great teeth, for those of you wanting to show off your pearly whites!
-Will work with a wide variety of shapes, and still look unique and adorable!

Shown below are just a few of the offerings from the Phoebe line! Please click the image to enlarge.

From left to right: 02- NaturalA; 07- hot cherry; 013- lady night; 023- I love you; 019- rose garden

So what are you waiting for? Discover "Phoebe" from Lazolli!

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