February 6, 2009

Meet Phoebe!

Meet Phoebe!

If you haven't met Phoebe yet, perhaps you should! "Phoebe" is the newest line of skins released from Lazolli-- and in my opinion, some of the best skins the store offers! Owner Nariko Shinn has created a beautiful radiant skin with 26 different makeups!

Some of the great features of this line include:
-MANY options of eye and lip colors (lips range from natural, to deep crimson red, to gold, to Asian-inspired with a stripe down the center--- eyeshadows come smokey, glittery, glowing, and colorful!)
-A killer body! I found no seams to speak of, the skin over the body actually glistens, gives off a glow, which I find really beautiful. The shading is perfect!
-Great teeth, for those of you wanting to show off your pearly whites!
-Will work with a wide variety of shapes, and still look unique and adorable!

Shown below are just a few of the offerings from the Phoebe line! Please click the image to enlarge.

From left to right: 02- NaturalA; 07- hot cherry; 013- lady night; 023- I love you; 019- rose garden

So what are you waiting for? Discover "Phoebe" from Lazolli!

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