June 20, 2009

Lazolli's "Devon Aoki" Skins: A Review

So I'll be honest with you all, and maybe I've been living under a rock, but up until a few weeks ago I had no idea who Devon Aoki was. I started seeing a couple of places release Devon Aoki-inspired skins. I Googled and found a page with some pics of the American-born supermodel/actress-- and immediately saw why someone would want to create a skin inspired by her.. shes got a really unique look, style, and beauty-- so it comes as no surprise that many content creators have used her as their muse.

Then, by chance, Loring Halsey of Lazolli made a set too-- and she passed me on a few makeups to take a look at. Please click the image below to enlarge :)

As with all Lazolli skins, Loring Halsey has provided a huge range of makeup styles which I think will appeal to just about anyone. Usually her eye makeups are pretty bold-- but I like bolder eyes iRL too. As a shapemaker I've started to notice that the bold eye makeup can make your eyes look HUGE, so I took a little time to modify my shape so that the eyes still looked proportional to the face. I'm a big fan of the eyeshadow color variations-- of the ones I pictured up above they can range from subtle to bright and colorful-- and the eyeliner comes in various styles and thicknesses.

I can appreciate that the lips and eye makeup are hand drawn and well-blended. I'm not a big fan of obviously-photosourced lips (or any other body part for that matter!). A lot of photosourcing in the lip area tends to look stretched out and, to be honest, kinda freaks me out. But the lips on these skins are really crisp and the colors are beautiful-- check out the two-toned lips above! LOVE that! :)

If I had to complain at all about the skin, I would say I had minor issues with the nose. It's the only place on the body where photosourcing didn't seem to be very well blended, and in-world it gives the tip of the nose a flat, slightly glitchy appearance. It's something you dont really notice in photos unless you look at the nose from an angle, again I think it's pretty minor-- especially if what youre looking for is just the overall Devon Aoki "look". Its definitely manageable with the right shape!

Overall, I'm a fan of the body style, there's a lot of detail in the shading and highlighting, not overly muscular in the abdominal area-- and no noticeable seams that I could find.. overall a really nice body that comes off looking really cute and youthful.

So head on over to Lazolli and try on a demo of these cute skins for yourself-- and as a special offering, Loring has placed out the shape I created (the one I used in the picture) and it will be available for FREE for a limited time inside her store, as well as in the past notices for the Lazolli in-world group!


TP to Lazolli Skins!


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